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State Authorization and Foreign Students

You received an ITC Membership Alert on Friday; we wanted to inform you of an important letter that had been submitted to the US Department of Education as part of the public comment window for a proposed new set of regulations impacting online education in the areas of state authorization and foreign students. You also received a copy of the letter which was signed by nine organizations including the ITC. If you did not receive the ITC Membership Alert, please let us know – you can find an e-copy of the letter on the main page of the ITC website: (  
We will of course continue to monitor this, let you know if the new regulation is ultimately approved, and if it is, we will let you know how it will impact your program. This illustrates a major advantage of your ITC membership. We keep you abreast of  any new Federal regulations, represent your needs and concerns in the review process, and let you know how it may specifically impact your program. That is an important “value-added” service with your ITC membership. We realize how hard it can be to constantly monitor possible Federal Government activity related to eLearning. You don’t have the staff for that. You don’t have the time for that. 
As always, if you have any questions regarding Federal regulations and law, the Public Policy Committee members are here to help. The largest challenges may – or may not –be coming with Higher Education Act re-authorization. The process was stalled due to this fall’s election, but Congress is expected to take up the re-authorization in the new year. We will of course continue to monitor that as well.

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