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The SIMT – a Resource for Educators, Entrepreneurs/Startups, Industry, and Manufacturers

The SIMT – a Resource for Educators, Entrepreneurs/Startups, Industry, and Manufacturers

The Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SIMT)

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a division of Florence-Darlington Technical College (FDTC), Florence, SC, offers access to emerging technologies in support of industry, education and training, and economic development. We provide technical expertise in additive manufacturing, advanced machining and virtual reality 3D production to entrepreneurs, businesses and manufacturers, and routinely help conceive products, manufacture parts and produce virtual training experiences for our clients.

“Seeing is believing” best describes our Interactive Production  Studio.


Tg Zspace Demo

 SIMT developers create virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) simulations for industry and education, employing the latest technologies to safely and quickly immerse students, trainees and employees in a virtual world. Anything that’s difficult or dangerous for employees is ideally suited to immersive VR. Safety and retention of information are improved, and new head-mounted devices make development affordable. Examples include plant tours for large manufacturing facilities to provide visitors and new hires with an overview of the facility, or allowing engineers to better design material work flows before installing machinery.

Our VR simulations have allowed medical device developers to describe to the FDA how their product works inside the human body. 

Biology students at FDTC access virtual anatomy through the zSpace holographic desktop unit to prepare for medical terminology classes. And workers learn OSHA standards and prepare for Lock Out Tag Out training using the SIMT’s virtual trainer.


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is often called 3D Printing or Rapid Prototyping. The “printer” uses a 3D CAD model to build a 3D product, which might require rigid plastic, or stainless steel and aluminum. 


Nuke Print

Our experienced AM team helps clients select the best machine process for their product’s use, utilizing the largest array of services on the east coast. We have a complete line of liquid resin and full color powder printers as well. Many of the companies that utilize our services are large and well-known, such as NASCAR teams, surgical companies, and automotive and aerospace companies, but we also work with many individuals and smaller companies.

Creati Vasc Virtual Simulation

A local medical device startup used 3D printed parts in developing multiple surgical tools. One of our clients showcased his project on the TV show Shark Tank, and with our design assistance, a global manufacturer’s employee developed a new product that won a prestigious safety award. An FDTC biology instructor developed a teaching aid for biology students that was tested in the classroom last semester and will soon be taken to market. 

Advanced Machining Once the SIMT AM staff has assisted with the development and printing of prototypes, the next step is actual manufacturing, and this is where the Advanced Machining team steps in. We are able to machine very small quantities for startups and for industry R&D. Once a product “outgrows” additive, our team does production runs and provides assistance to ensure the manufacturability of the final product. We also provide capacity for local industries who need help taking on a big job.  

If our resources align with your needs, contact Tressa Gardner, Associate Vice President, SIMT, at 843-413-2737 or


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