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“Connections: Virtual Learning Communities” Ebook Launch

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“Connections: Virtual Learning Communities” Ebook Launch
by Richard Schwier
June 1, 2011, Rick's Café Canadien

“ ‘Connections: Virtual Learning Communities’ is an eBook that explores how online communities form, who joins them, and how they operate in learning environments. . . . In the Virtual Learning Communities (VLC) Research Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan we have been investigating the shape of online learning networks for more than a decade. We’ve conducted research and written a bunch of papers, chapters, articles and reports on the topic.”

“This ebook pulls together the big ideas from our work for educators who might actually be able to put what we have learned to good use. That’s what this book is about – making sense of online learning communities. In a sense it isn’t original; it is rewritten out of material the VLC Research Lab already created along with a healthy dose of my own speculations. So it is selective rather than comprehensive. It doesn’t attempt to pull together all of the excellent work and writing about online learning.” . . .