Annual Survey

2016 Distance Learning Survey Results

What We Have Learned about eLearning:  An Overview

Twelve years ago, the Instructional Technology Council’s (ITC) board of directors created this survey instrument so as to produce data of use to eLearning practitioners.  The survey targeted the ITC membership of predominantly two-year institutions. After all, from the inception of online learning, the community college movement embraced the value of online education to the fullest.  Community colleges recognized the intrinsic value of this mode of instruction - greatly improved access to higher education.  Today, community colleges enroll the greatest number of online students and have the largest number of online degree programs. 

Over the years, the ITC has tried to retain as many of the practical and relevant questions as possible. The evolution of online learning has of course precipitated the addition – and the occasional deletion – of questions.  The goals of the survey and its accompanying report have always been evident:

- Provide annual longitudinal data that is specifically relevant to distance education practitioners.

- Use the data to determine significant national trends in distance education.

- Use the data so community colleges can more effectively plan and strategize for the future.

-  Focus on obtaining results from community colleges that lead efforts to adopt and expand online course offerings, degree programs, and best practices to help online student succeed.

As you review this year’s survey results, it is our hope and expectation that you will find we have remained true to our goals as well as our commitment to provide reliable, practical data of greatest benefit to eLearning administrators, support staff, and faculty.  


Itc 2016 Survey Results Infographic


Itc 2016 Annual Survey Results