The Instructional Technology Council would like to give you the opportunity to recognize your staff for their tremendous hard work, excellent service to your students, and quality eLearning courses. 

Nominees can include college administrators, faculty members, or individuals from other agencies that have supported eLearning initiatives at a community college or other higher education organization. Nominees and award recipients must be members of ITC.

See  Past Recipients of ITC's Awards for Excellence in eLearning

NOTE: Forms are completed online in Survey Monkey which does not permit you to save your work.  We encourage you to download the pdf of the nomination forms, answer the questions in a word document and cut and paste your answers into the online Survey Monkey form. 

NOMINATION FORM - ITC will recognize achievement in the following categories:

  • Outstanding eCourse - Institutions are invited to nominate one eCourse to receive this award.  An eCourse is defined as one where fifty percent or more of the instruction and activities take place at a distance.  Only courses developed in-house at a post-secondary institution will be considered. The course must be designed with a high level of interactivity, multimedia, communication, and variety of instructional and course management strategies. These strategies must be replicable and assist an instructor to facilitate more effectively; continuously evaluate student performance and course quality; and provide an outstanding educational experience for the students. Information about the course will be gathered from the application and access to the course for verification and review will be used for the evaluation.  Sample nomination form: Outstanding eCourse
  • Innovative eLearning Technology - Institutions of higher education may nominate an organizational unit or person that has demonstrated the outstanding use of a new technology tool or delivery system to accomplish a new method of student delivery or learning. The students may be located on or off campus, and may be taking a face-to-face, blended learning, or fully distance course. The application must include how the efforts of the organizational unit or individual are new, innovative, unique and replicable. Sample nomination form: Innovative eLearning Technology
  • Outstanding eLearning Support for Faculty or Students - Institutions of higher education may nominate an organizational unit that has built a solid reputation for outstanding support and service for their faculty or students. Nominations should only include one organizational unit focused on either student or faculty support. The application must include how this unit’s efforts are replicable and innovative. Sample nomination form:  Outstanding eLearning Support for Faculty or Students
  • Outstanding eLearning Faculty—Faculty are nominated by their institution’s president/CEO or senior administration representative, with a limit of one nominee per institution. ITC will only choose one or two nominees to receive an ITC Award for Excellence in eLearning for Outstanding Faculty, but we will recognize every faculty member who is nominated to receive an award as a distinguished educator, chosen by his or her institution as an exemplary member of his or her community. ITC will list them in the eLearning 2022 conference program and on the ITC website. We hope the nominating institutions can provide the financial support so the distinguished educators can participate in the Annual Conference - eLearning.  Sample nomination form: Outstanding eLearning Faculty
  • NEW! Outstanding eLearning Student -  ITC will recognize every online student who is nominated for this award as a distinguished elearner, chosen by his or her institution as an exemplary member of his or her community. There is a limit of one nominee per institution. ITC judges will choose ONE or TWO exemplary students to receive ITC's 2021 Outstanding eLearning Student award from this pool of distinguished online learners. 

We look forward to the opportunity to highlight your institution’s award-winning innovations, recognize your representatives, and celebrate your institution's wonderful accomplishments in providing leadership and innovation in eLearning!

Please contact ITC at 856-423-0258 or [email protected] if you have any questions!