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Intro to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Humanizing Online Course

Assessment Strategies/Measuring Student Learning in Online Courses

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About the ITC Microcredential Courses

The ITC microcredential courses are self-paced and will be completed through the Brightspace platform. Each course will be facilitated and should take 10 hours of seat time (2.5 hours per topic). Once the entire course has been successfully completed a digital badge will be issued to the participant. 

Intro to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Humanizing 
Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course, the successful student will be able to…


  1. Define diversity in the context of online instruction
  2. List three or more actions that can be performed to recognize and promote the positive impact of diversity
  3. Locate materials relevant to diversity in online teaching and learning
  4. Discuss techniques to create a welcoming environment for all learners
  5. Discuss ways to present a commitment to diversity using a diversity statement


  1. Define equity
  2. Differentiate between equity and equality
  3. List three Dimensions of Diversity and cite examples of each
  4. Discuss some benefits and drawbacks of online courses in addressing equity
  5. Explain at least one change you can make to enhance equity in your online course


  1. Define inclusion
  2. Differentiate between Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  3. Describe three notable tenets of Universal Design for Learning
  4. Discuss benefits of inclusive activities in a learning environment
  5. Explain at least one change you can make to enhance inclusion in your course


  1. Define humanizing in the context of online courses
  2. Explain how Humanizing meshes with DEI initiatives
  3.  Research what other organizations/institutions are doing in regards to humanizing virtual learning
  4. Explain how you can create emotional influence in your course
  5. Evaluate online teaching research to consider links between online social presence and improved engagement, satisfaction, and learning


Assessment Strategies/Measuring Student Learning in Online Courses

Bloom's Taxonomy and Varied Assessment

  • State the six categories of Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Match the categories of Bloom’s Taxonomy with an appropriate assessment strategy
  • Produce a list of things a learner might know and what they could do with that knowledge in a sample course
  • Compose measurable learning objectives for a sample course 

Formative and Summative Assessment Strategies

  • define formative and summative assessment
  • differentiate between formative and summative assessment and the circumstances where one would be preferred to the other
  • list a variety of formative and summative assessment strategies
  • explain some uses of summative and formative assessment data
  • develop or refine at least one formative or summative assessment activity for a specific context

Authentic Assessment Techniques

  • explain the basic standards of authentic assessment
  • examine how authentic assessment differs from traditional assessment
  • explain how learners will demonstrate their learning
  • reframe the four principles of authentic assessment
  • justify the characteristics of authentic assessment

Promoting Academic Integrity

  • Explain the role of academic honesty within your courses 
  • Identify common causes of academic integrity violations 
  • Integrate instructional design practices to promote academic honesty 
  • Construct assessments which promote academic honesty 
  • Assess your overall academic integrity strategy for your course 



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Register for Assessment Strategies/Measuring Student Learning in Online Courses

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Register for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Humanizing 

Register for Assessment Strategies/Measuring Student Learning in Online Courses

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