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Inside Higher Ed
How can you effectively lead people when you don't have formal authority over them? Elizabeth Suárez provides advice.
A white paper from the Instructional Technology Council delivered to the American Association of Community Colleges Commission on Academic, Student, and Community Development.

By Mickey Slimp, Ed.D.
Campus Technology
New ways to deploy artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, gamification and robotic telepresence are making their way into classrooms across the globe every day. Two leaders in the field of online learning are building a website called Virtually Inspired to curate examples of what they consider the most promising efforts.
Inside Higher Ed Essay
Please Note: This essay is a rebuttal of the essay Coming To You Soon: Uber U. - FL
Do you recognize your college in David Theo Goldberg’s provocative postsecondary dystopian essay Coming To You Soon: Uber U. For me, the answer is no. Call it small liberal arts college it bias. Call it privilege. Call it a structural blindspot. Call it whatever you will - my lived higher ed experience is one of (mostly) progressive improvement.
Educause Review
Community colleges are often in the "somewhat different" category. Our institutions frequently don't have the ability to hire more staff to meet new technology challenges; instead, we ask our existing staff to change roles as often as a NASCAR driver changes hats at the end of a race. Although community colleges have infrastructure needs similar to those at other institutions, we struggle with long-range planning and funding for technology procurement and replacement, since a large portion of our budgets are at the yearly discretion of legislatures and many of us have not seen a tuition increase in four or more years.
Educause Review
Key Takeaways: Given the phenomenal growth of connected devices in the Internet of Things, the issue of how higher education supports educators with the IoT in learning environments becomes a key consideration in teaching and learning. An educational environment explicitly focused on supporting learning with the IoT could be extremely beneficial; we call it the Educators' and Learners' Internet of Things, or ELIoT. What we have to decide is whether we will prepare, through the design of distributed, adaptive systems and methodologies, to give the ELIoT a warm welcome in higher education while managing the accompanying serious considerations.
Inside Higher Ed Essay
Please Note: This essay focuses on the university BUT offers an indictment of online education. - FL
In higher education, we are increasingly facing the distinct possibility of a faceless future, teacherless courses, online everything, argues David Theo Goldberg. Over the past two decades, and across the nation, the university has been undergoing profound changes. These structural changes underpin an emergent philosophy of the new university today -- one that should give pause to anyone concerned about the direction of higher education.